baby blues help a holistic approachBaby Blues Help - a Holistic Approach

It’s the day after your baby is born… your vagina is torn, or you have a painful caesarean wound.  It’s excruciating to go to the toilet.  Your nipples are raw and you’re worried whether you’re producing enough milk for your baby.  You haven’t slept properly for weeks because it was so uncomfortable during the last stages of pregnancy.  Friends and family are flocking to your home to see the new arrival, and each of them has a wealth of wisdom to impart.  You try to uphold the image of the glowing Madonna with your beautiful baby.  You have such high expectations of yourself – after all, this is the most important job you have ever taken on.  Surely this is the most natural thing in the world to do.  Nature designed you to be a mom.  It should be easy, shouldn’t it?

No, it’s not easy.  It can be the most wonderful and fulfilling experience of your life to have a baby, but don’t expect it to be easy.  In fact, if you want to do yourself a favour, throw out as many of your expectations regarding motherhood as possible.  In various articles on this website, we discuss the pitfalls that cause unhappiness.  Because that is how we define ‘Baby Blues’.  We’re not referring to postnatal or postpartum depression only, we’re talking about  the reality of the early stages of parenting that cause moms to be exhausted, irritable, fearful and generally unhappy.  This need not be your inevitable experience. Help is at hand!  We suggest a holistic approach to nurturing your baby and yourself based on first hand experience and masses of research.  We focus on moms - your perceptions, worries and challenges.  And we offer practical, tried and tested suggestions to help make this a happy time for you.  Because it’s true… “If Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy”.

Baby Blues or Postnatal Depression?

Having a baby is a time of great excitement, huge change and lots of expectations.  One of the most common expectations is that it is an extremely happy time.  This expectation is often disappointed by the experience of baby blues or more seriously, postnatal (also known as postpartum) depression.  If you’ve chosen to read about [...]

1. Talk to your partner, friends and family members